GDPR - The Need for a Revised Information Governance Strategy

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force 25 May 2018. This whitepaper discusses the potential impact to Professional Services firms, specific data governance areas they should consider and what they should do in preparation. It is possible changes to processes, GDPR-The Need for a Revised Information Governance Strategy Whitepaper Thumbnail.pngsystems, and technical controls will be required and it is important for firms to consider whether their current practices of storing and processing personal information will comply.

All firms will need to ask themselves the following:

  • Are we storing or processing ‘personal data?’
  • Are we storing or processing ‘sensitive personal data?’
  • Is this data adequately protected?
  • Do our cloud service providers comply with GDPR?

This paper summarises several key requirements of the GDPR and maps them to proposed best practice and how a well-designed and robust Information Governance strategy can greatly improve a firm’s ability to comply with the GDPR and give clients confidence that their personal data would be offered a higher level of protection than typically exists.

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