iManage Knowledge Unlocked

powered by Insight

2020 is shaping up to be a busy year for the iManage RAVN team. Knowledge Unlocked, powered by RAVN Insight, has transformed search and refined key knowledge experiences for lawyers, enhanced the user experience and improved ease of deployment making it easier to get started.

Improve Search Experience

Advancements in analytics driven search links data powering rich connections that foster discovery and leverage the collective knowledge. Preconfigured search experiences make it easy for teams to draw on these search experiences to quickly get answers, find information they did not even know existed and spend less time searching.

iManage User Experience

Standardization of search across the iManage portfolio ensures a seamless user experience across shared components with clean design standards that drive ease of use. An optimized user experience makes it easy to preview, interact and view insights related to search results before you open them making it easy to explore and discover new material or insights efficiently.

Seamless Experience Between Search and Data

Connecting content, building relationships with the data and enhancing the Knowledge Graph builds pathways that allow users to navigate and traverse information, easily switch context and join together information. This is powerful; allows users find content they never thought to look for and exposes insights that are less meaningful in isolation.

Extend the Platform

Create a single-entry point into a firms valuable information, analytical data and other knowledge where the work happens by building connections to index and organize the data into a single search and knowledge experience. Connect to leading LegalTech such as Practical Law to supplement your Knowledge Locator data or add business data to Matter Locator.

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Insight API v1.0

The first version of the Insight API is now available and allows legal technology providers, practice innovation teams and developers to leverage the data in insight into their enterprise environment.

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Relevancy Tuning

Relevance tuning puts the power of optimizing results in the hands of the users. Allows users to easily weight results and focus on the task at hand. Expands the Knowledge Graph connections and experiences.

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Search Within

Search within allows you to further refine and optimize search results using only the search results of a previous search. Make it easy to find what you need.


Using machine learning RAVN will identify relevant and contextual information based on the workspaces you have access to, the people you work with and what you search for making it easy to stay current with what is happening across your teams and quickly access relevant content.

Easy Knowledge Curation

Transform the content in Work into knowledge with pre-configured folder and metadata templates that reflect best practices. Support the curation workflow within Work meaning you no longer have to curate content outside of Work making it easy and simple to get started.

Facets Improvements

With facet improvements users are better equipped to fine tune the results. Apply filters immediately by clicking on the label, use tooltips and the smarter ‘apply’ button for faster, more accurate counts improving search results.