Need-to-know security – Beyond Ethical Walls

In today’s world of relentless cyberattacks on professional service firms, the systems and tools required to protect client information are changing. It is no longer acceptable to have open access to information within an organization. Information must be protected and accessed only on a specific basis, oftentimes made more complicated by growing regulations. Securing sensitive content on a need-to-know basis and segmenting other content are critical parts of any strategy to limit the exposure that a breach can bring.

In this webinar, hear:

  • How data isolation and managing need-to-know security beyond ethical walls is being implemented
  • How internal and external cyber threats are being identified and data is being protected
  • How integrated records management is insuring the proper, timely disposition of data
  • How organizations are managing data access within specific geographic domains




Ian Raine, Director Product Management, iManage

Webinar Details

Date: October 5, 2016
Time: 8:00AM Pacific,
10:00AM Central,
11:00AM Eastern

Webinar Replay