A New Approach to Threat Management with Analytics and Machine Learning

Professional services firms are under siege. There are over 4000 cyberattacks every day. That is 170 per hour or 3 attacks every minute, many of which are some type of insider or phishing attack. Part of the reason professional services firms — and law firms in particular — are being singled out by hackers is because the information they manage makes them very attractive targets.

Historically, firms have tried to protect themselves by securing the perimeter. Unfortunately, building a higher wall does not protect you from insiders or an external hacker that has obtained valid credentials via a phishing attack.

During this webinar we will discuss how organizations are using technologies like machine learning and adaptive behavioral modeling to meet the new modern day security imperative where the attacker has already compromised the traditional network security stack and is operating from within your network.



Aaron Rangel, Director Product Management, iManage

Webinar Details

Date: October 5, 2016
Time: 8:00AM Pacific,
10:00AM Central,
11:00AM Eastern

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