What's New With iManage Work 10.2

iManage Work 10.2 has been announced. iManage Work 10.2 delivers powerful features, new supported platforms and enhanced search capabilities designed to enhance user satisfaction and adoption while enabling IT organizations to more rapidly take advantage of new iManage product innovations.

Join this webinar for a discussion of:

  • iManage Work 10.2's new Apple Mac support and Google Gmail integrations.
  • New email filing features on the iPad which extends the full-functioned user experience to this key platform.
  • Making files in iManage Work appear just like a local drive in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. This includes drag-and-drop, deleting files and performing sophisticated file operations easily and rapidly in a familiar environment.
  • Delivering client managed encryption keys. These enable iManage clients to use cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure HSM, to manage the encryption of files in iManage, ensuring that no one can de-encrypt files without consent.
  • How securing application integration is enhanced through single sign-on oAuth support while enterprise deployments of iManage email management in Exchange environments have been made even more secure.
  • Automatic updates enabling organizations to update to the latest version of iManage Work automatically and easily, taking advantage of innovations that iManage is delivering, as they become available.

Join us for this webinar as Ravi Lal, iManage Work product manager, walks through an overview of the new Work 10.2 features.


Shawn Misquitta, VP of Product Management, iManage
Ravinesh Lal, Product Manager, iManage
Ganesh Krithikavasan, Product Manager, iManage

Webinar Details

Date: October 5, 2016
Time: 8:00AM Pacific,
10:00AM Central,
11:00AM Eastern

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