How Smarter Conflicts and Business Intake Products Can Better Protect Your Firm

A combination of business and technology market forces are driving law firms to re-examine their conflicts of interest and business intake processes.

The need to better know your clients, and their broader universe, as demanded by law firm clients, is a key business driver that changes how you go about capturing key data and assessing risks when accepting new business. Coupled with technology innovations in search and analytics, these developments open the door to new, more effective approaches to conflicts and new business intake, which can significantly reduce the risk exposure many firms face today.

As legacy systems fade from the market, many firms face a once in a decade opportunity to take a leap forward in how they manage the key business intake and conflicts process to reduce costs and enhance risk management. How do you ensure your next investment puts your firm at the forefront, not back behind the times?

In this webinar, Joy E Spicer, iManage vice president of risk and compliance and Dan Carmel, iManage chief marketing officer will review:

  • Key industry changes like the increasing diligence and know your client requirements and how leading firms are addressing them
  • Emerging best practices in conflicts and business intake and the benefits they provide
  • How a modular approach to conflicts and new business intake allows your organization to be more agile and provide long-term value

Can't make the webinar? On demand links will be sent out to all registrants a few days after the initial webinar.


Dan Carmel, Chief Marketing Officer, iManage
Joy Spicer, VP of Risk and Compliance, iManage

Webinar Details

Date: October 5, 2016
Time: 8:00AM Pacific,
10:00AM Central,
11:00AM Eastern

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