How to Modernize Knowledge Management with Need-to-Know Security 

The legal profession depends on effective knowledge management (KM) because staying competitive in the industry often means having quick access to past and current matters. However, in recent years, the number of cyber attacks on law firms has increased, triggering client scrutiny and demands for law firms to implement advanced security measures to secure their sensitive client data. Various legislations relating to data privacy are also catching up, increasing compliance demands on the profession.

In this environment, firms need to rethink the various aspects of their KM systems. They can leverage technology in order to reimagine access to historical client/matter information, while implementing best-in-class security.

In this white paper, we present pro and cons for three approaches to meet KM needs when need-to-know security is enforced at scale within the firm. Need-to-know security is a modern form of security that satisfies compliance requirements effectively. Simply put, need-to-know restricts access to information to only those parties that are approved to have access to a specific client/matter information.

Download the white paper to find out what is the most efficient way to make your clients’ data secure, your clients happy, and to decrease risk for your firm.

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