Zero Trust: The Next Generation of Information Security. 

As the landscape of security threats changes and grows, it becomes clear that the potential for data loss poses an existential threat to professional services firms. Trust is the cornerstone of any professional services firm's business, and any loss of confidence jeopardizes their relationship with customers. The rapidly evolving nature of threats requires these enterprises to adopt a more comprehensive approach to information security.

iManage has adopted this challenge as fundamental to its approach to service delivery. Our goal is to help our customers stay ahead of fast-moving security needs by adopting the best available strategies and technologies. Zero Trust is a next-generation security framework that ensures the highest level of protection for your critical assets.

In this whitepaper we discuss important aspects of Zero Trust security, including:

  • The network is always assumed to be hostile
  • External and internal threats exist on the network at all times
  • Every device, user, and network flow is authenticated and authorized
  • The network is always assumed to be hostile
  • Policies must be dynamic and calcuated from as many sources of data as possible

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