Modern Document Management: How Law Departments Can Work Smarter 

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day on average searching and gathering information.
(McKinsey & Company, 2019)

Legal Operators and General Counsel are under new pressure to create efficiencies that drive productivity and improve cost predictability. Legal professionals need to be able to access information to leverage past work and do their job more effectively. But many in-house legal teams are forced to use traditional enterprise solutions for document management, which fail to address the amount and complexity of legal documents, emails and other information.

This 8-page white paper will illustrate how a modern document management system (DMS) enables legal professionals to work more effectively, productively and securely by overcoming the challenges faced by legal departments such as:

  • Hours per week spent searching for documents in separate systems and emails
  • Duplication of work due to lack of access to previous legal professionals’ work
  • Inability to securely share documents with internal stakeholders or outside counsel

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