Checklist for Midsize Firms 

15 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a DMS

While document management isn’t new, how legal professionals can engage with and leverage existing knowledge is rapidly evolving through the adoption of cloud technology.

Now that remote working has become integral to long-term business continuity for firms of all sizes, it’s almost necessary that firms of all sizes move to a cloud-based DMS. Not only does this provide attorneys improved access to essential documents, but it also frees IT staff or MSPs to work on strategic projects that provide long-term support to the firm’s profitability.

However, 41% of firms with less than 150 lawyers found users resisted new technologies, according to the 2019 ILTA Technology Survey.

This checklist is designed to ensure you have the necessary information to meet the current and future needs of your end users.

Download this comprehensive checklist so your firm can be confident your DMS solution has the capabilities your firm needs to stay competitive.

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