Webinar: Introducing iManage Closing Folders

Learn how iManage Closing Folders can help your transactional practices improve efficiency, while mitigating risks and automating error prone tasks, especially while working remotely.

Transactions make up a large portion of law firm matters and legal department work. The closing processes associated with them are typically manual, error-prone, expensive, and complex. They require the coordination of hundreds of documents, frequent revisions, and numerous signatures and tasks across many parties – often under tight timelines. And clients are frequently frustrated by insufficient visibility into closing status and processes. Learn how iManage Closing Folders automates repetitive, error-prone tasks, enabling lawyers to reduce risk and time-to-close, while improving accuracy, transparency, and client service.

Register for our webinar on Oct. 22 at 10 am Central with Sahil Zaman, iManage Closing Folders co-founder, to learn more about legal transaction management (LTM) and how iManage Closing Folders addresses the challenges associated with transactions. Sahil will discuss:

  • Closing transactions in a remote working environment
  • Case studies
  • Integration with iManage Work
  • Live demo
  • Live demonstration
  • Q&A

Don’t miss this essential session to learn more about how iManage Closing Folders supports greater efficiency and transparency in LTM, enabling you to add value for your clients.


Sahil Zaman
iManage Closing Folders Co-Founder

Webinar Details

Thursday, October 22, 2020

11:00 AM EDT | 10:00 AM CDT | 8:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM BRT | 4:00 PM BST