iManage 10.2 Deepdive Webinar

iManage Work 10.2 delivers powerful features, new supported platforms and enhanced search capabilities designed to enhance user satisfaction and adoption while enabling IT organizations to more rapidly take advantage of new iManage product innovations.

During this 90-minute webinar we will cover technical aspects of iManage Work 10.2, such as, installation, configuration and deployment best practices.

Join this webinar for a discussion of:

  • Auto updates which enable organizations to update to the latest version of iManage Work automatically and easily, taking advantage of the innovations that iManage is delivering, as they become available.
  • A primer on OAuth and how iManage is using it to drive secure authorization through applications.
  • How the new Control Center Applications leverage OAuth so that firms can entitle users to use applications with accurate audits on all application activity
  • Refile service, which will refile security and metadata according to firm rules, removing the burden of refiling from end users

Note, this is the second 10.2 webinar. If you missed the 10.2 What’s New webinar from last week, you may want to watch that in advance.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Shawn Misquitta, VP of Product Management, iManage
Ravinesh Lal, Product Manager, iManage
Nancy Stronczek , Product Manager, iManage

Webinar Details

Date: October 5, 2016
Time: 8:00AM Pacific,
10:00AM Central,
11:00AM Eastern

Webinar Replay